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Transform From Within


MAY 25, 2024  •  3-6PM

Transform your life from the inside out.


Transform From Within is a retreat that will give you the space you need to reflect on what shifts are available to you right now that will lead you to the most joyful life changes. Real change happens when you inquire within yourself first. That’s when changes in your outside world start to unfold easily and naturally, without any real effort from you.


When we live the opposite, trying to control external life circumstances to make us feel better, it creates the opposite; we feel victim to outside circumstances and feel powerless to make any changes at all, inside or out.


Join Laura Varga from Life Design Coaching on May 25th from 3-6 pm as she guides you through key elements from her two signature programs - Rewrite Your Story and Create Your Future Now - combining practices, tactics, and strategies to help you identify areas of life that you are ready to move away from and create a new focus of what you want to create/invite into your life moving forward.

Guided Forest Walk

What’s included

Grounding meditation

Guided forest walk

Self-inquiry workshop

The Rewrite Your Story Journal

Special bonus

Reiki Healing Circle at the end of the day to help calm the mind, body and spirit before heading home.


Your Guides

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Laura Varga from Life Design Coaching is a certified Life Skills Coach passionate about empowering others to unlock their full potential and create meaningful changes. With over twenty years of experience, Laura is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and guiding people towards living a freedom-filled life!

Erin Malcolm, a Master Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Guide uses her natural abilities and experience cultivated on her own healing path to support clients in finding their authentic voice and navigating the steps toward self-empowerment and independence.

Together, they will lead you through a blissful afternoon experience, sure to help you ease back into your daily life refocused in the right direction.

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